How to improve your JavaScript skills

1. Truthy And Falsy

The following values are always truthy:

2. What is a Null and Undefined?

Null and undefined both are data types of JavaScript

3. Difference between triple (===) equal vs double (==) equal.

The double equals operator compares the valus and returens the true or false.

4. JavaScript Scope

There are two type of scope

5. Difference between call(), apply() and bind()

Call( ) : the call() method function with a given ‘this’ value and arguments provided one by one.

6. Global scope and global variable

Global scope refers to all variable declare in js file that are not inside any function. These variable are access anywhere in the js file.

7. What is ‘this’ keyword in JavaScript?

‘this’ keyword refers to an object that object which is executing the current bit of JavaScript code.

8. JavaScript timing events

Javascript can be executein time-interval, this is called timing events.

9. Find the largest element in array

var array = [3 , 6, 2, 56, 32, 5, 89, 32];

10. JavaScript Arrow function

Arrow function is using in lieu of function(). Arrow function is a ES6 related function.



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