Introduction to react JS

1. React JS

React Js is defined as a JavaScript library for building user interface. It’s not a framework.

2. Difference between framework and library

Framework: Framework is a platform that provides for building or developing application.

3. What is JSX?

JSX is allows us to write in HTML elements in JavaScript and place them in the Dom without any methods.

4. React hooks

React hooks are the new featured for react new 16.8 version. It allow us to use state and other react hook featured without writing classes. It doesn’t work in classes.

5. What is react component?

React component is a independent and reusable in code. They serve the same purpose of JavaScript functions and return html via render() function.

6. How to work react conditional rendering?

React conditional rendering is a term of described the ability to render a different user interface markup if a condition is true or false

7. How react props work

React props allow you to send data- including numers, strings, functions, object and arrays etc to a component when you call on that component. If you have multiple component, you will send the data from one to another component.

8. What Is flux?

Flux is an architecture that facebook uses internally when working facebook. It’s a not framework or library. It’s a new kind of architecture that complements react and the concept of indirectly data flow.

9. How to optimize performance in react js?

Few optimizing performance technique in react js

10. What is the virtual dom?

Virtual DOM is an in-memory representation of real DOM. It is a lightweight JavaScript object which is a copy of Real DOM.



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