JavaScript Concept

1. JavaScript data Types

There are six basic data types in javaScript that are main three part such as

2. Error handling “try and catch”

How to work try and catch in javaScript ->

3. JavaScript comments

JavaScripts has two type of comments such as,

4. JavaScript Arrow function

Arrow function is using in lieu of function(). Arrow function is a ES6 related function.

5. JavaScript default parameters

JavaScript default parameters is allow to initialize named parameters with default parameters if no valus or undefined in passed the function

6. JavaScript Spread Syntax

Spread syntax is using when copy of the all elements in object or array and add new items this object or array.

7. New feature in ES6

let and const are alternative to var declaration

8. JavaScript coding style

Code style must be clean that a programmer easy to read and understand as possible.

9. Block Level declaration

The new ES6 specification let and const that takes inside the function but var not allow .

10. Type of values

A programmer must know about value. Because this the core concept of javaScript



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